Books to Boost Your Career

We’re avid readers around the Dallas City Access office, both for pleasure and for gathering valuable career advice. Our reading lists are always growing, and these are a few of the inspiring books we’ve added in recent months:

” “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman: This book focuses on the mental approaches we use for key tasks, including the way we think about taking risks. We use the insights within this book to streamline our mental approaches toward professional opportunities.

” “The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction,” by Rebecca Z. Shafir: There are so many distractions in our daily lives, both at home and in the office. This book has become a go-to resource for mindfulness around Dallas City Access HQ. It’s more than just a list of strategies to try; Shafir offers a holistic approach to being more mindful from one busy day to another.

” “The One Minute Manager,” by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson: This is a perennial favorite for good reason. The authors provide foundational concepts for those who are starting their leadership journeys or anyone who wants to reach the next level in his or her career.

These books offer something of value to anyone with high career aspirations. Check out the Dallas City Access Newswire for updates on what we’re reading and the most valuable insights we’re gaining in the process.