Our Best Tips for Impressive Interviews

We’re rapidly growing, which means we’re looking for new additions to Team Dallas City Access. Through our ongoing growth, we’ve met with all kinds of talented candidates who have impressed us in a variety of ways. Here are a few of the strategies we believe are most likely to make positive impressions on hiring managers:

• Showing Respect to Everyone: Being respectful is the first step toward standing out in the minds of potential employers. If a candidate treats everyone he or she encounters as if they’re conducting the interview, that person is in great position to impress.

• Arriving Just Early Enough: It’s a good idea to arrive early enough to get your thoughts in order, but not so early that you put undue pressure on interviewers. Somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes ahead of your appointment is the ideal time to be in place.

• Mastering a Concise Pitch: When we ask candidates to tell us about themselves, we want to hear compelling yet compact stories. Jobseekers must have well-crafted elevator pitches in mind when they arrive for their interviews.

• Doing Homework: We want to see that any potential hire has done adequate research on Dallas City Access, including our work culture and some of our past or current projects. If a person has a good grasp of what we’re all about, it’s easier to see him or her on our team.

These are a few behaviors potential hires need to keep in mind if they want to join our team. Follow Dallas City Access on Twitter for more winning interview tips.