Celebrating the Fourth of July as a Team

Making the most of summer is an annual pursuit around the Dallas City Access office. This year, we’re committed to having fun as a team and helping the community at the same time, and a local fair called Addison Kaboom Town gave us the opportunity to do just that.

Jon, our firm’s President, explained, “Kaboom Town, which takes place in Addison, Texas, has been one of the top fireworks shows in the country for more than three decades. The event is about more than just pyrotechnics, though. There are midway games, face painting, and all kinds of great food as well.”

Our whole team took part in this year’s Kaboom Town. Sadarian, our firm’s head of client relations, explained, “It was great just seeing the fireworks, but we also got the chance to help out in all the tents and events going on at Kaboom Town. We were able to bond as a team and interact with all kinds of people from the community at the same time.”

The camaraderie we develop by getting together away from the office pays off in a variety of important ways. When we return to Dallas City Access HQ, we’re freshly inspired to collaborate toward breakthrough victories for the companies we represent because we appreciate each other’s unique talents even more.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Kaboom Town. Follow Dallas City Access on Twitter for updates on all our team-building activities.