Closing Out 2019 in Style

The 2019 holiday season was a blast around the Dallas City Access office. We celebrated as a work family and made some great memories. Here’s hoping that your holiday season was every bit as fun and inspiring as ours. Our knack for boosting morale always pays off during the final weeks of the year, but it also factors in heavily to our overall success.

We enjoy all kinds of group activities throughout the year. Our regular team dinners are certainly at the top of the list. We get to share so much more than the typical workday allows, although we do sometimes engage in some shop talk. More than anything though, we get to learn about shared interests and passions outside of work. This strengthens our collaboration when we return to the office.

The learning we do in and out of the Dallas City Access workspace also brings us closer together. We have all kinds of internal training sessions, but we also get away from our home base to expand our horizons with our teammates. Our trips to conferences and other offices for cross-training are some of our favorite ways to become a more unified team. We always manage to have fun wherever we go.

Our holiday celebrations set the tone for an even bigger 2020. To keep tabs on our achievements and team events, be sure to follow Dallas City Access on Instagram.