Developing the Soft Skills That Support Success

When we invite people to be part of Team Dallas City Access, we’re making a commitment to help them hit their personal and professional potential. We offer access to all the knowledge and tools a person needs to thrive in our industry, but just as importantly we also teach the soft skills that set high achievers apart from the rest.

For example, persistence is one of the most important qualities a person can develop for success in any area of their lives. Whether we refer to it as grit, a can-do attitude, or a superior work ethic, knowing how to stay the course when faced with challenges and continually push past yesterday’s limits is key when it comes to realizing our Dallas City Access visions for the future.

How do we encourage our team members to be persistent? One important technique is visualization. It’s a practice we all engage in, but to use it effectively we need to train ourselves to only see positive outcomes. Then, we want to move beyond a mere daydream and engage all our senses in the mental exercise. For example, we might consider what restaurant we will go to when we celebrate achieving a specific career objective. What will we order? How will it smell and taste? Who will we be with? These details add energy to our efforts and help us build and maintain momentum.

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