End-of-Year Goals and How to Reach Them

The holidays are fast approaching, which is a key time for Dallas City Access. Right now, we’re gearing up for this year’s product campaigns, which will cap off a very nice year for our team. We’ve all worked hard to hit goals and Jon, Dallas City Access’ President, couldn’t be more pleased with our achievements. With each milestone we hit as a team, we enjoy the perks that come with working for such a successful firm, like competitive pay and benefits, as well as other rewards.

One of the reasons Dallas City Access is consistently ahead of the competition is our focus on goal setting. We learn from the start how to set objectives and create a plan to reach them. Jon likes to use the example of a solid holiday budget to highlight how easy it can be to hit our targets. Here are a few ways we stick to our budgeting goals:

• Set a Final Goal for Spending: A specific dollar figure of what we can realistically afford will keep us on pace and help us avoid overspending. Start with this amount, then move to the next step.

• Divide the Amount Between the Number of People: Once we know what we can spend, our next objective is to carefully review our holiday shopping list and determine individual amounts along with the number of presents per person. This practice will allow us to manage our budget more succinctly.

• Track Progress: Every purchase should be recorded in a meaningful system or spreadsheet so that we’re able to monitor our spending closely.

By practicing this model for fiscal responsibility during the holiday season, you can realize how important and easy it is to establish goals. Like Dallas City Access on Facebook for more success tips.