Some of Our Favorite Goal-Setting Techniques

The theme for June in the Dallas City Access office is effective goal setting. Our mantra this month, and pretty much all the time, is that a goal is a dream with a deadline. The management training program our team members complete is all about setting goals and working your way up the ladder. New hires receive roadmaps that tell them what they need to achieve in order to one day run their own offices. To further reinforce our focus on goal setting, we put the following strategies to good use:

• Get in Touch With Your Goal: It takes reflection and real self-talk to fully understand what you want to achieve. We encourage our team members to spend some time thinking about where they want to end up, but not to dwell too much on minor details. It’s essential to visualize success while still being flexible along the way.

• Establish a Best-Case Outcome: This means putting an especially high-result goal in place. We always have long-range positive outcomes in mind around Dallas City Access HQ, knowing they help us stay motivated and overcome obstacles. The key here is to combine major ambition with achievable results.

• Set a Lower-Result Goal: When you have a lesser positive outcome to complement your major goal, you can still feel good if things don’t quite work out as planned. Even if you don’t reach your initial aim, you’ll be more confident next time around.

We use these techniques to stay on track toward hitting our highest targets. Follow Dallas City Access on Instagram for more of our best success tips.