Our Favorite (and Proven) Networking Strategies

There’s always a lot of networking taking place in our division, including during our Dallas City Access travel events. The benefits of adding new contacts at conferences and workshops sets us up for career advancement. We get fresh ideas and gain lasting sources of helpful advice every time we add to our contact lists. Here are a few of our favorite techniques for successful networking:

• Creating Strong Elevator Pitches: This is a key aspect of making solid first impressions with our potential connections. We try to fit all our unique skills and interests into compelling and concise pitches that will stick in people’s minds. Before any big industry event, we rehearse what we’ll say with colleagues.

• Researching Prospective Contacts: We do our homework before we head to a conference, workshop, or any other crowded business function. By studying the event’s website and social media pages, we can learn who might be attending and take our research efforts to LinkedIn. Once we have some background info, it’s easier to craft effective elevator pitches.

• Listening More Than Talking: As we engage would-be additions to our Dallas City Access contact lists, we focus on asking questions that invite lengthy responses. We listen more than we talk so that others will know we’re interested in long-term connections.

These are just a few of the strategies we apply to build our networks. Like Dallas City Access on Facebook for more of our best contacting tips.