How to Get the Feedback You Need to Advance

Gathering honest feedback is one of the best ways to equip yourself for career advancement. It’s also something we stress around the Dallas City Access office. Here are a few simple strategies we’ve learned for eliciting and applying input from others as we chase our career goals.

We start by asking the most productive questions to get the feedback we need. Open-ended inquiries are the best options, because they give us plenty of details to help our professional pursuits. When we have a clear idea of where we need to make improvements, we’re much better prepared to make real progress.

Of course, we also have to make time for hearing the feedback we need from our supervisors and colleagues. We set aside specific times to meet with Dallas City Access managers, being sure to thank them for their insights. By making regular appointments for gathering this key input, we position ourselves to improve throughout the year.

When we receive any type of praise for the success we’ve achieved, we make it a top priority to build on it. The positive reminders we take away from feedback sessions give us added confidence to keep striving for our long-term aspirations. We also feel emboldened to capitalize on our unique strengths when we’re armed with recognition.

We keep these concepts in mind to elicit feedback and put it to good use. Follow Dallas City Access on Twitter for more of our best advancement insights.