Our Leadership Training Fundamentals

We take pride in the dynamic leaders we have in our Dallas City Access office. The same is true for our leadership development program, which helps our sales and marketing analysts reach their potential as frontrunners. Here are a few essential behaviors we focus on as we prepare our team members to lead:

• Listening to Team Members: We emphasize listening in all our Dallas City Access pursuits so that we fully understand the needs of customers and potential contacts. When it comes to leading a team, it’s vital to be a good listener so you can recognize your people’s concerns and utilize their best ideas.

• Providing a Consistent Example: Setting a successful tone for a team is one of the most important things any leader can do. Building consistent actions and behaviors on top of one another is an ideal way to set the right example. When it comes to making decisions, hiring, and promoting people, it’s good to be predictable.

• Asking Questions: There’s always more for a great frontrunner to learn. That’s why the best leaders seek input from their peers and their team members. Being humble enough to accept that others have valuable solutions to offer earns a special kind of respect as well.

These are just a few principles we’ve baked into our Dallas City Access leadership training system. Follow us on Twitter to receive more of our best advice.