Learning and Networking on the Water

We enjoy a range of travel incentives as members of Team Dallas City Access. Recently, some of our top performers went to Newport Beach, California for a truly memorable experience. Sadarian, our firm’s head of client relations, explained, “A boat cruise was the focal point of this excursion. The top two leaders from each company were there, and we brought Daniella and Clemise along as well. We had so much fun and took full advantage of the networking opportunities.”

Jon, our firm’s President, added, “The cruise was an amazing chance to interact with accomplished people from all levels of our industry. There were influential leaders from across the country. Our team members came back to the Dallas City Access office with an array of successful insights to apply to their daily work.”

One of the best outcomes of our team travel excursions is the confidence our sales and marketing managers develop. Jon remarked, “Being around so many successful people is an inspiring experience. There’s so much to learn from people who have excelled in our industry, including the many different approaches they’ve taken to accomplish their goals. Our team members take in as much as they can while sharing their own thoughts on best practices. They return home newly motivated to achieve their lofty ambitions.”

The Newport Beach cruise was an event we won’t soon forget. Follow Dallas City Access on Twitter for updates on all our team excursions.