The Many Benefits We Offer Interns

“We have a great internship program here at Dallas City Access,” stated Jon, our firm’s President. “It’s a great way to learn what the real world is like while making some money during the summer. A lot of our interns return to us after they finish school, so our internship program is a valuable asset for our company as well.”

As with new hires who receive immersive training, we prepare Dallas City Access interns for success by providing hands-on education. Students and recent grads who come to us learn sales and marketing basics from seasoned team members. They also receive training in various administrative areas such as interviewing and retention. Jon added, “Those who complete our internship program are well equipped to thrive in a range of professional roles.”

The combination of hard and soft skills we impart to our interns is what makes the experience so valuable. “Gaining expertise in all phases of innovative marketing is one thing,” Jon explained. “Being able to learn all these success-fueling insights while also becoming comfortable in an office setting is even more inspiring. Our interns become stronger communicators, which means they’re also better suited to excel in a team setting.”

We’re ready to prepare another crop of college students and new grads for sustainable success in our industry. Check out the Dallas City Access Newswirefor updates on our interns.