This Month, We’re Focusing on Building Momentum

For each month of the year, Team Dallas City Access will be focusing on a different business topic that will help us (and our readers) achieve the success we dream of. For July, we’ve chosen, “Maintaining Momentum and Using Success to Push You Further.”

Throughout the month, we’ll be discussing how to use the energy from our wins to inspire us to even bigger victories. Sometimes people will get some recognition or a promotion and then let off the gas in their career journeys, but that’s not how the uber-successful roll. Instead, they take all the recognition, goodwill, knowledge, and self-confidence they gain from hitting a milestone and immediately start working toward their next big achievement.

This is why each Dallas City Access role comes with a built-in career path that outlines how a new team member can go from entry level to running their own office. This way, we’re always clear on the next step to take and can immediately start heading in that direction.

We also help team members build momentum through our commitment to training. Our learning system is based on setting goals and working through the different positions in our company. Consistent, predictable growth keeps enthusiasm high.

Knowing how to be a winner includes knowing how to win forward. Like Dallas City Access on Facebook for more of our success tips.