How We Prepare Team Members to Thrive

“There aren’t many companies that provide the type of training and development programs that we do,” stated Jon, our Dallas City Access President. “We truly try to help each person on our team reach his or her fullest potential. There are dedicated mentors throughout our office who help new hires master the way our company works.”

Our training program is an immersive one, providing hands-on learning in every aspect of our operations. New additions to Team Dallas City Access get to work on projects with real-world applications. Jon remarked, “As our incoming team members collaborate with experienced sales and marketing managers, they gain confidence to apply their own unique talents. Once they complete our initial training program, our people are well equipped to thrive in any role.”

We also maintain a strong emphasis on continuing education. Our team members receive all kinds of developmental options, from travel incentives to internal seminars. Jon added, “We want our sales and marketing managers to build on their strengths and learn new concepts as they chase their ambitious goals. Our many ongoing training methods ensure that our team members are engaged in their work every day. They also help our company stay ahead in a competitive industry.”

When we bring fresh talent on board, we make sure every avenue to growth is open. Learn more about our approach to training by liking Dallas City Access on Facebook.