PRESS RELEASE: Dallas City Access to Celebrate Success on Exciting Trip

DALLAS, TX – Individuals from Dallas City Access who have exceeded goals this year are headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for the annual R&R retreat. The firm’s President shared how this trip is one of the many rewards available.

Jon, Dallas City Access’ President, explained that this particular travel opportunity is reserved for sales and marketing experts who have surpassed expectations in a number of areas this year. To qualify for an invite, they need to excel in overall performance, reaching goals, and demonstrating they are ready to be leaders.

Those people selected from Dallas City Access will be treated to an all-expenses-paid trip to this tropical locale, where they will indulge in sunbathing, swimming, and other fun activities around this paradise. They’ll celebrate their success with other top performers and industry leaders.

There will be time to network and exchange ideas so that each team member attending will return with more knowledge and inspiration to apply to the firm’s practices. They’ll also add new connections to their growing list of important people to whom they can turn throughout their careers.

Recognition is the fourth R in this weekend, which concludes with a special awards dinner highlighting individual and team accomplishments throughout the year. To wrap up the trip, everyone will gather for dancing and fun.

Dallas City Access’ President on the Many Opportunities Available at This Firm

As Jon highlighted, trips represent just one of the ways that Dallas City Access has established a workplace that leans heavily on recognition, reward, and team effort. According to Jon, there are many paths and opportunities for people who join their group.

Every team member has a chance to polish his or her entrepreneurial chops, positioning themselves for unlimited earning potential. With the firm’s learning program, team members not only acquire the skills needed to perform their current roles seamlessly, but also continually push their limits to reach the next levels. Rewards like this trip to the Dominican Republic are bestowed on those who are motivated and keep achieving their next milestones.

Other travel events include cross training at regional offices and national conferences. Jon noted one of the pluses of these excursions is members of this diverse team have more room to bond as they explore new cities and discover new information that increases everyone’s chances to succeed. When everyone is set up to thrive, there’s reason to celebrate.

Bringing a diverse group of people together paves the way to exciting opportunities for everyone. The firm’s entrepreneur and franchise programs position associates for limitless earning potential. With the company’s resources and team members’ zeal, anything is possible.

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