We’re Reading and Learning as a Team

Of the many things we do to grow closer as teammates here at Dallas City Access HQ, our book club may be the most inspiring. When we come together to discuss the motivating titles we choose, we gain fresh insights into what the authors were trying to say. We use these success-boosting lessons to achieve greater heights for the brands we promote.

In general, we like to read books that talk about business tactics and entrepreneurship. Our most recent selection is the 1998 motivational classic “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. This book focuses on managing change in our personal and professional lives. It’s presented in the form of a fable involving mice, little people named “Hem” and “Haw,” and elusive pieces of cheese.

We’re all about maintaining positive mind-sets in the Dallas City Access office. This is a major theme of Johnson’s seminal work, along with the importance of being agile in the face of changing circumstances. In our book club discussions, we pinpoint areas of our lives and careers in which we can apply the lessons we’ve learned through our reading.

Our team has grown closer by breaking down the key themes in motivational business books. We look forward to our next selection and applying fresh concepts to new challenges. Keep up with our reading exploits by following Dallas City Access on Twitter.