We Set Our Team Members Apart With Leadership Training

When people join Dallas City Access, we begin investing in their success. We provide thorough training, development, and coaching to help everyone on our team fulfill his or her potential.

We go beyond job skills and teach leadership traits so that team members are ready to handle greater amounts of responsibility faster. Networking is one of the topics we cover because we know the value of having connections. A well-developed network leads to increased business opportunities, and gives us access to a larger pool of knowledge than we could ever create on our own.

Three of the Dallas City Access guidelines we cover when teaching networking are:

• Choose Wisely: Rather than try and add everyone we meet to our network, we select contacts more carefully. When we can have an enjoyable conversation with someone and imagine ourselves spending more time with that person in the future, we exchange information.

• Have a Mentor: It’s always helpful to have a more experienced person who is comfortable networking to help you. They can guide you as you develop your own skills while allowing you access to their network as well.

• Be a Giver: Networking is not about getting, but about being of service. The best way to be memorable is to find a way to be valuable to the person we’re speaking to, which of course means we are actively listening to what they’re saying.

Building a large network is fundamental to success in our super-connected world. Learn more about the success strategies we teach our people by following Dallas City Access on Twitter.