Stepping Up Our Social Impact Efforts

With the holiday season comes even more opportunities for Team Dallas City Access to support great causes in our community. Jon, our firm’s President, explained that we understand the meaning of family and how the holidays can bring people together. We do our best to make the season brighter for those less fortunate in our region and beyond.

We’ve always maintained a strong commitment to philanthropy. As we close out 2018 and make plans for the year to come, we’re ready to step up our giving efforts even more. We’re looking for ways to expand our social impact endeavors in 2019 due to the many benefits that come with giving back as a team.

Some of the most positive outcomes of team philanthropy are the stronger bonds we create. We get to learn more about each other when we combine our talents on behalf of great causes, including hidden talents we might not get to see during our typical workdays.

We also bolster our firm’s reputation with every giveback event. The connections we make through our charitable efforts – including those with local leaders and business influencers – tend to pay off in unexpected ways for our company as well. We’ve found that supporting worthy causes is a winning proposition for Dallas City Access as much as for the people we help.

The time is right for us to ramp up our social impact work. Check out the Dallas City Access Newswire feed for updates on our giveback efforts.