Why We Emphasize Travel

As members of Team Dallas City Access, we receive a wide range of travel opportunities. We attend conferences, visit other successful offices, and take part in exotic R&R retreats. Through these experiences, we interact with top leaders and innovative thinkers from all corners of our industry.

Networking is certainly one of our prime pursuits during our team excursions. When we venture out to big industry gatherings, we get to discuss best practices and emerging techniques with all kinds of new contacts. We come back to the Dallas City Access office more inspired than ever to chase down our highest aspirations.

Travel also allows us time to rest and reflect on what’s going well in our careers. “Getting a fresh perspective can make a world of difference when it comes to achieving major goals,” added Jon, our firm’s President. “Our team members look at things from new viewpoints when they’re away from home, which often leads to meaningful improvements when they return to work.”

Venturing to big industry events and retreats also gives us the chance to see the bigger picture of what’s possible in our business. Being surrounded by so many successful people with diverse approaches helps us build confidence. With each travel adventure, we set higher benchmarks for career growth.

We’re looking forward to our next getaway. Follow Dallas City Access on Twitter for updates on our travel events.